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In mining locations which are usually located in remote areas, shipping containers are transformed into a medical facility that called medical shipping container. Shipping containers can be modified into hospital containers, laboratory containers, shipping container clinics, and many more medical facilities.

All necessary technical installations are delivered with the “Hospitainer”. Additional features such as the air conditioner, canopy, stairs, and door handle are stored for transport in one of the containers. They will be installed at the location.

Why Medical Container?

  • Shipping container clinics, hospital containers, laboratory containers, and any medical shipping containers are easy to move from one location to another (relatively quickly). In times of crisis, such as natural disaster this is a great solution.
  • Medical containers can be transported by truck, rail, ship, or nearly any other method you can think of to get an object from one place to another.
  • In an emergency, shipping container clinics, hospital containers, and laboratory containers are easy to build. It doesn’t take long to prepare a medical container.
  • This type of container is durable. Such features make them weathertight, vermin proof, and earthquake-proof.

Our brand new container is made following the ISO standardization. It has a CSC plate that valid for five years. You can customize the size, design, and any features in it. You can also equip your container with any other medical things, air-conditioning, toilets, etc. We can help modify it to suit your needs, and also arrange the transport of the container until it reaches the destination.


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