20' Inpatient Room Container


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Product Description

The 20’ Inpatient Room Container is built from a shipping container. It can be built quickly, as a response to a disaster or emergency in remote areas. This unit can be used as a permanent or temporary building.

This Inpatient Room is equipped with a variety of medical equipment and facilities that supports the treatment process for patients.

The Benefits of 20 Inpatient Room Container

  • Can be used in an open area or as an additional room to a building to accommodate patients.
  • Can be an emergency ward in certain areas because it can be assembled quickly and easily.

Primary Purpose
The main purpose of this unit is to serve as an inpatient ward that can be used in various areas where a hospital is not available. Can also be used as an inpatient room for certain activities, such as military service, training, and other activities.

You don’t have to worry about the durability and strength of our 20’ Inpatient Room Container, we have always prioritized quality to make our products worth investing in for you as well as other customers. Also, every unit we have has met ISO standards.

Another Feature
This unit has external dimensions of 20’ long, 8’ wide, and 8.6’ tall as it is made of the 20’ Shipping Container. You will see glossy walls that have been insulated to reduce noise and absorb less heat when getting sun exposure.

Customization Options
If you need certain medical equipment in the inpatient room, you can tell us what you need, and we can customize all the features in it according to your needs. You can rely on us for the units you want.

Our staff can help to plan the best way to deliver your order until it reaches the requested destination. With that, you will have fewer things to worry about.


  • Every container unit we have can be equipped with doors, windows, air conditioners, and even toilets.
  • There are several medical supplies that we can provide such as mattresses, cupboards, and others.

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