20' Drug Store Container


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Product Description

20′ drug store container is a medical unit that has been modified from a shipping container. Commonly used for medical needs and emergency units in certain locations.

The Benefits of 20 Drug Store Container

– Help to provide supplies of medicine in one unit that is easily moved from one place to another.
– Can be a drug storage unit that is easy to build immediately, and does not require high costs.
– Does not require a building permit because this building is considered a temporary structure.

Primary Purpose

20 ‘Drug store container is a part of our medical containers. The main function of This unit is a storage area for medicines and other medical needs. which can be placed flexibly indoors or outdoors.


You do not have to worry about your safety when being inside this office container. It is made from the ISO certified 20’ Container. Thus, it provides strong structural integrity as it has reinforced corners.

More Features and Benefits

– Quality control and inspection for each of our containers to provide a secure container.
– Made of strong Corten steel material, making this unit able to protect medical supplies inside from exposure to direct sunlight, rain, strong and winds.
– The drugstore containers are strong, durable, robust, long-lasting, and can be prepared quickly.

Customized The 20 Drug Store Container

20’ drug store container can be designed to have some essential equipment and separate rooms for examinations. You can add some additional features that you need. Also, you can customize this unit with a variety of medical facilities.


Lastly, we have many depots across Indonesia and worldwide to ensure easy and affordable delivery. You can count on us to safely deliver your 20’ Drug Store Container to its destination.


– Can be equipped with air-conditioning, toilets, etc.
– There are canopies, doors, windows, and flooring options available.
– Equipped with several medicine storages such as cabinets, shelves, medicine boxes, and others.

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