20' Clinic Container (White Green)


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Product Description

Tradecorp 20’ Clinic Container (White Green) offers you a medical facility that meets the standard of primary care clinics. We build this unit using a 20 feet container in order to provide sufficient workspace and storage area. Thus, medical practitioners are able to treat patients quickly and effectively.

To maximize the use of space, our 20’ Clinic Container (White Green) comes with a compact floor plan. It combines consultation and examination areas within a single room. Plus, a curtain will be in place to separate between both rooms and provide privacy for the patients.

We equip the consultation area with a desk and chairs for the staff to take care of the administration and have a patient consultation. Meanwhile, the examination zone has enough space to fit a hospital bed and the necessary equipment.

20′ Clinic Container (White Green)

This unit has a bright and clean design. We cover the exterior with white paint color. And for the interior surface, it is made of easy to clean materials to ensure cleanliness and sanitation.

Not to mention, having a container medical facility will improve the level of portability, which makes the building easy to transport. For that reason, if your project requires a medical facility but is located in an area with limited access, our 20’ Clinic Container (White Green) sure will put you at an advantage.

Best of all, you do not have to worry about the safety of the users. It is made of a container that fulfills the ISO requirements. Thus, the structure will remain strong even when exposed to harsh conditions.

Furthermore, this type of container is highly flexible. You can request for it to have a design for different types of medical facilities. Plus, we change the interior according to your requirements.

Finally, our experienced haulers are ready to help arrange the delivery of this unit to the requested location. That way, you can relax as we take care of the transport for you.


External dimensions : L 20’ x W 8’ x H 8.6’


  • ISO container
  • Insulated walls and ceiling
  • Wind and watertight design
  • Corten steel structure
  • Easy access door
  • Windows

Additional Features:

  • Air conditioner
  • Sink
  • Light
  • Cabinet
  • Canopy

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