Product Description

Many Function of Shipping Container Shelter

A shipping container shelter is made of several containers that are placed parallel on the ground, which is added with a canopy above it.

This building type is perfect for those of you who need a temporary building for various functions. Having a large open space, using containers as the main material will make this construction strong enough to cope with various weather conditions such as withstand strong winds, rains, storms, and the heat from the sun.

The Function of Shipping Container Shelter:

  1. Temporary WarehouseStorage container shelter with canopy units can be the right choice for you who need a large space to be used as a warehouse within a certain period. You only need to build this container building temporarily and it can be easily dismantled after it is no longer in use.
  2. Garage or Project Storing – If you require space or a place to store many project items, container shelter is a must-have facility for development projects. Shipping container shelter units can be a solution for you. Apart from being large and spacious, adding a canopy component between the two sides makes this building quite appropriate to protect goods from various extreme weather conditions in open spaces.
  3. Evacuation House – Disasters such as earthquakes, storms, and tornados, can certainly destroy or heavily damage a house or other living space. Container shelter with canopy can be a good alternative as an evacuation shelter. These containers can also be a temporary place to take shelter for those who lost their home because of the disaster.
  4. Workshop or Machine Shop – Shipping container shelter can also be used as a workshop. With strong construction, it is very safe to store heavy and large workshop equipment and supplies.
  5. Community Emergency Hubs – Many humanitarian activities are often held by various organizations in several open places or grounds. Such as blood donations, open donations, and other activities. You can make a storage or shipping container shelter as a post for these activities.

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