Container Diving Pool For Sale

Container Diving Pool For Sale

Have your own affordable scuba tank as container diving pool to establish a scuba diving training facility. 

Get the best offer from Tradecorp Indonesia for the purchase of a container diving pool and experience the best diving experience in the container pool soon!

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Kolam Renang Kontainer Scuba Tank

Why Choose Scuba Tank as Diving Pool?

A scuba tank or container diving pool is a specially designed pool to hold water and function like a regular swimming pool.

This modified container can be easily transported, moved, and carried using a crane or forklift.

Typically, scuba diving training is conducted at dive centers built using concrete construction.

Concrete-based dive centers excel in durability but lack efficiency due to their permanent nature. Additionally, the construction costs are considerably high.

Efficiency and flexibility are the advantages offered by a scuba tank or container diving pool for individuals who wish to practice scuba diving or businesses planning to establish a dive center.

Opting for a scuba tank for scuba diving can save you money. Furthermore, it comes with the convenience of relocating the swimming pool from one location to another.

The Advantages of Container Diving Pool for Scuba Diving

The container diving pool is portable due to its structure and container construction designed for easy transportation using a crane or forklift. It can be moved via land or sea routes.

The construction of a dive center or a permanent diving pool requires a significant amount of funds. Modifying shipping containers to be used as scuba tanks can significantly reduce construction costs.

Designing and building modified container structures as swimming pools is faster compared to constructing concrete structures. For dive center business owners, the speed of building scuba tanks accelerates the business opening plan.

The structure and materials of the shipping container have high durability against extreme weather conditions. Even after modification, the container used as a scuba tank still maintains its optimal performance.

Modifying a container for use as a swimming pool is equivalent to a recycling effort, which is a part of the circular economy concept.

Creatively modified container models can function as unique marketing instruments. This function can attract the attention of many people, thereby benefiting your business.

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