ModBox (Modular Box) is a Knockdown structure with a size of 6 x 3 x 2.8 meters. This unit features a strong steel frame and insulated sandwich panel walls. 

Key points of ModBox prefabricated modular buildings are: 

  1. Portable – Can be carried or moved anywhere, including remote areas/locations 
  2. Durable – Sturdy and Strong because of the steel structure which is strong and can withstand bad weather 
  3. Flexible – Can be formed into a modular building for various needs 
  4. Quick – Quick and easy assembly process 

In addition, ModBox is available in 20 feet, and can be combine to get a larger space, also it can be adjusted to various requirements. 

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ModBox - Best Price Instant Office Modular Box


ModBox can be stacked and joined into various forms of buildings and portable structures. From small buildings to large structures such as modular houses & homes extensions, modular studios, movable cabins, outback portable cabins & buildings, modular offices, shed offices, office pods, portable/temporary rooms, offsite offices, construction offices & kit home extensions. It’s modular nature makes it easy to arrange. 

ModBox Coal Mining Camp

ModBox adalah produk modular yang dapat disusun sesuai kebutuhan pelanggan. Ini adalah beberapa contoh contoh bangunan dari ModBox yang dapat memenuhi berbagai kebutuhan seperto mess pekerja, masjid, dan pos security. 

ModBox is a modular product that can be arranged according to customer needs. These are some examples of ModBox arrangements that can meet various needs such as worker mess, mosque, security post, etc. 

Tradecorp has many years of experience providing modular units to large or small projects all to many places in Indonesia. 

By using modern machines in the manufacturing process, ModBox is able to produce precise and strong prefab building modules. And by default, ModBox prefabricated buildings are equipped with one door and two windows. 

Want to know more about new or used/second-hand ModBox prefabricated building products? Contact our Sales Representative by clicking on the banner below or fill out the form on this page. And we will help you to get the best ModBox information and offers. 

Bangunan Modular Prefabrikasi ModBox