Standard Shipping Containers

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Standard Shipping Container are popular among buyers because they bring many benefits. Both sizes of the general purpose shipping container can carry most types of dry shipments. Not only can they accommodate most dry cargo, but they also can be customised into other new functions, and are intermodal making them seamlessly move between trucks, trains, and ships.

Function Standard Shipping Container

At Tradcorp Indonesia, you can purchase our standard shipping containers for sale that are available in different sizes from 10 ft, 20 ft, and 40 ft. If your projects require general purpose shipping containers and you need to get advice on our products, please fill in the quote form. Our team of experts will contact you to discuss your requirements.

Tradecorp is always committed to ensuring the safety of your goods, so all of our units are equipped with a CSC plate. It works for 5 (five) years for shipping with international routes so that your cargo can arrive at its destination safely.

This product works best as a storage facility, transportation unit, and conversion projects. Also, in order to improve safety, you can ask us to include tiebacks to prevent doors from accidentally closing. While for extra security, we can customize your container to have a lockbox.

Furthermore, this containers falls within the category of dry container. That makes them suitable to transport dry goods domestically or internationally. In addition, this unit can also be utilized as a permanent or temporary dry storage solution for both businesses and homeowners.

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