20' Pallet Wide High Cube

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Pallet Wide Container or PW Container

Maximize loads and space when transporting and storing Euro-pallets with Tradecorp pallet wide Container. This container type is slightly wider than the standard ISO container size to accommodate the Euro pallets. As a result, you will be able to reduce the operational and distribution costs. Here’s why!

Hold more Euro pallets in one container

Our pallet wide container will increase the number of Euro-pallets that shipping container can carry to make the most out of shipping trip. The main reason why businesses use a shipping container to transport and store cargo is that it is more efficient.

But when your cargo is on top of Euro-pallets, you cannot load them efficiently into a standard container. That is because the Euro pallet size is wider than the standard industrial pallet.

Therefore, when you are using a standard container to transport Euro pallets, there will be fewer numbers of pallets in a single tier. Plus, it leaves plenty of space that goes to waste.

Avoid losses due to cargo slipping

Stowing Euro-pallets in a standard container will leave plenty of space in which increase the chance of cargo slipping. Cargo can shift around in a container due to improper strapping or extreme conditions during sea freight.
With pallet wide container, two Euro-pallets can perfectly fit side by side. That way, you will avoid unnecessary movement of cargo throughout the journey that can result in cargo damage and losses.

How many pallets can fit in Pallet Wide Container?

For an easy movement with forklifts, cargo is normally placed on top of pallets or skid. The difference between pallets and skid is on the bottom deck boards. Pallets have bottom deck while skid sits on the ground on their stringers.

How many pallets in a 20’ container?

Container Types # of Euro-Pallets
20’ DC 11
20’ PW DC 15

How many pallets in a 40’ container?

Container Types # of Euro-Pallets
40’ DC 25
40’ PW DC 30

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