10′ Half Height Fuel Storage Tank Container


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Product Description

Tradecorp 10’ Half Height Fuel Storage Tank Container is for you to keep stocks of diesel, petrol, or other fuels safely but won’t take much of your space. It comes in a compact dimension of 10 feet long, 8 feet wide, 4 feet high. Perfect to fit in a tight space and has a great amount of fuel storage capacity.

Fuel tank container enables you to keep an inventory of fuel for businesses that depend on the use of heavy machines and equipment. Imagine not having enough fuel to power those items. This will impact the operations and cause a great deal of downtime for your business. Thus, with this container, your business will carry on smoothly without the constant worry of running out of fuel supply.

10’ Half Height Fuel Storage Tank Container

Furthermore, this type of container has a bunded wall which consists of inner and outer layers. It is a safety measure in case of spills or leakings. The gap between the tank layers acts as a containment. That way, you will be protected from serious risks that may be caused by spill accidents.

Best of all, its small size allows you to move this container around with no hassle. Simply load your 10’ Half Height Fuel Storage Tank Container onto a truck to transport it. In addition to that, this container comes with forklift pockets. Such features will help you to transport it anywhere in a short distance safely.

Just like other new containers we have, this one also fulfills the ISO requirements. It is made of a quality Corten steel to ensure optimum strength and durability even when constantly exposed to the weather. Moreover, we enforce the corners of this self-bunded fuel storage tank to endure stacking when full or empty condition.

Above all, we have many depots spread across Indonesia to ensure a lower delivery cost to your locations. Plus, our experienced team is always ready to help you arrange the transport of your container to the requested location.


External dimensions : L 10’ x W 8’ x H 4’