10′ High Cube Fuel Storage Tank Container


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Product Description

A 10ft high cube fuel storage will be a perfect fuel storage for you if you work or own a business that needs fuel (diesel, petrol, etc.) on a remote worksite. This fuel container is pretty much a compact self-bunded tank. To prevent the worst scenario of losing fuel and polluting the environment, these fuel storage tanks are made with two steel walls with a gap in between them. This gap serves as a containment area if there is a leakage.

Some of the benefits that you can get from owning or leasing a 10ft high cube fuel storage tank containers are:

  • Cost-Efficient

Owning or planning to construct conventional under-ground fuel storage will cost a huge amount of time and money. One thing to note, to fulfill the criteria of environmental regulation, and you need to routinely maintain the underground fuel storage to ensure there is no leakage.

  • Portable

This 10ft high cube fuel storage tank is easy to relocate, these fuel tanks can be shipped through land or sea, which fit into a typical ISO standard container dimension for shipping. It will be a huge advantage. You can get the fuel tanks quickly on-site or relocate when you need to refuel it. you do not need to build construction or concrete walls which will cost you extra money.

  • Long-lasting

To make our 10ft high cube fuel storage tank container lasts longer, there is an extra thick protective coating to prevent it from rust and corrosion. Also, they are built with a greater Safe Fuel Limit (SFL) than regular tanks of equivalent size. This ensures that each tank goes longer between refills, providing you with long-term productivity and admin cost savings. This advantage is extremely useful if your fuel tanks are placed in remote areas.