10' Dangerous Goods Container (Yellow)


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Product Description

Tradecorp 10′ Dangerous Goods Container (Yellow) is ideal for storing hazardous substances if you have a space limitation. Just like any other dangerous goods (DG) containers, this one also has spillage controls and ventilation systems. Moreover, this container locking mechanism makes it easier for you to open and close the unit without risking security.

Both spillage controls and ventilation systems are the requirements that DG storage units must-have. Spillage must be taken care of immediately to prevent serious risks. To make it easier to control the spill, the DG container comes with a bunded floor, containment area, and drain valve. Thus, in case of a spill, it will not leak everywhere and worsen the situation. As for ventilation systems, it helps to bring harmful vapor that is generated from the spills outside to reduce concentration. That way, the area will be safe for people to work.

You can easily and safely store DG following the required standard with our 10′ Dangerous Goods Container (Yellow). It is suitable for hazardous items in liquid or powder forms. Some examples of DG that can be stored inside it are paint, diesel, chemicals, thinner, oil, and other flammable liquids. Additionally, you can also use this container to store non-hazardous material with the possibility of spills.

Our 10′ Dangerous Goods Container (Yellow) meets the ISO standardizations. With that, the container that you receive will be robust, durable, and reliable even when exposed to extreme weather conditions. Additionally, you can protect your work area in case of DG spills accident occurs to prevent serious injuries or losses. Because it complies with DG storage standards.

Not to mention this container is watertight from inside and outside, spill containment capacity for up to 1500 liters, and internal release doors.

You can sit back and relax. We can deliver this 10′ Dangerous Goods Container (Yellow) to your requested location. Our experienced team is ready to plan out the most effective shipping methods so that your container will arrive within schedule.


External dimensions : L 10’ x W 8’ x H 8.6’

  • Compact size
  • Bunded floor
  • Drainage valve
  • Ventilations
  • Internal release door
  • Sealed door
  • ISO container
  • Yellow exterior color