10' DNV Shipping Container (White)


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Product Description

Our 10’ DNV Shipping Container sure offers more efficiency due to its compact size. It has the same strength as the other DNV containers and ready to support your offshore activities. Therefore, it will remain durable even when exposed to strong winds, intense ocean splashing, and heavy rain.

In accordance with the DNV standards, we equip this container with some of the following features. It has robust slings and shackles, which enable the container to be safely lifted by a crane. Also, both the floor and roof surfaces of this container is coated in anti-slip paint to reduce risk during handling and operation. Furthermore, this type of container provides optimal protection to the goods stored inside. We properly seal the entire structure to make sure the container is watertight.

Not to mention, the 10’ DNV Shipping Container is a safe and efficient transportation/storage unit for offshore-related activities. It is suitable to carry dry cargo, such as tools, equipment, or supplies. Most importantly, it manages to protect the stored items from external elements.

Just like every other new DNV container we have, this one also meets the DNV 2.7-1 standards. Thus, it can support your offshore-related activities as it is eligible for such purposes.

Our 10’ DNV Shipping Container comes with several lashing points to tie down cargo securely in place. Moreover, we cover this unit with marine-grade paint to ensure the paint quality last long, considering the nature of the ocean. Additionally, this container has a reinforced structure that allows stacking to save more space. That opens up extra vertical storage areas to support your offshore projects.

Next, we can include cargo restraining nets and any additional features to make this container best suits your need.

As this container is small, transporting this unit will require fewer efforts. But of course, our experienced staff is ready to help arrange the delivery of your container until it arrives at the requested location.


External dimensions : L 10’ x W 8’ x H 8.6’
Tare weight : 2.010 kgs
Max payload : 7.990 kgs
Max cargo : 10.000 kgs