10' Refrigerated Container (White)


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Product Description

Tradecorp’s 10’ refrigerated container or reefer is a small yet powerful refrigeration unit that can maintain cargo temperature even in extreme conditions. It is simple to operate. In order to get the cooling engine started, you just need to plug it into a power supply. Furthermore, we have three machine variations. The options include Daikin, Carrier, and Thermo King. Each brand will have a different lowest temperature it can provide.

Our 10’ refrigerated container has T-Bar flooring, red load line, and stainless-steel wall panels to ensure the cool air inside flows perfectly. As a result, all of the cargo will have an even temperature.

This type of container allows you to transport temperature-sensitive goods like fruits, meat, and vegetables. Moreover, other non-food products that require refrigerated containers for shipment are pharmaceuticals, flowers, blood plasma, and films.

On top of that, our new 10’ refrigerated container carries a CSC plate that is valid for five years. By having an active CSC plate, your container will be allowed to transport goods internationally.

Additionally, water, moisture, and condensation are the three biggest problems when dealing with a refrigerated container. Those elements can potentially damage the stored cargo. Our 10’ refrigerated container has a de-humidification system, drains on each corner, as well as a temperature controller to prevent those problems from happening.

Furthermore, we offer some modifications and customizations to make this container best suited to your needs. You can include your 10’ refrigerated container with alarm lamp, curtain, easy open door, led lamps, GPS, and more.

As this container is small in size, moving it from one location to other locations will be less fuss. But of course, we can help to arrange the delivery of your container to the requested destination. Contact us right now to get the best price for this product!


External dimensions : L 10’ x W 8’ x H 8.6’
Volume : 11.86 m³
Tare Weight : 3.080 kg
Net Weight : 6.920 kg
Max Gross Weight : 10.000 kg