20' T6 Dangerous Liquid Tank Container

Product Description

Our 20’ Dangerous Liquid Tank Container is a safe and protected unit for storing and transporting items like chemicals and many other hazardous fluids. This tank has a special feature for transporting and storing your dangerous liquid safely. With the strength and good quality of this tank, It is able to transport dangerous liquids to your place safely and securely. 20’ Dangerous Liquid Tank Container can be used for shipping a hazardous fluid that can’t be shipped with a standard tank. and also made of non-corrosive materials.

This tank is made of very strong steel which can last more than 10 years with good maintenance. They are strong enough to face extreme weather during the shipping process. They are wind and watertight.

You can use our tank to avoid damage to your cargo during shipping. Our unit can be used repeatedly. They are relatively easy to maintain, durable, and usable for long term storage. In addition, our tank is easy for the loading and unloading process, because it has a top hatch and a release valve. It also has a pedestal on the top for crews to stand while checking the tank.

Next, This container type is made with very strong steel and follows International Standard Operations (ISO). They are safe and suitable for shipping, transporting, and storing dangerous liquids.

We are able to help deliver the unit safely and effectively deliver direct to the location you want. You can also pick it up directly from one of our depots that provide the unit of your choice.


Max Cargo : 36.000 kg
Tare Weight : 3.850 kg
Capacity : 24.000 L