20' Flat Packs Container

Product Description

20’ Flat Packs Container is an innovative building solution because it is easy to transport, fast to construct, and highly durable. This unit, including all of its materials and fittings, is flatly packed for shipping purposes. Once it arrives, you can start assembling it with the help of a few construction workers and lifting equipment.

This unit offers an open and spacious area as it comes in a 20 ft standard container size. The basic building design adopts a minimalist concept that characterizes modern, professional, and clean aesthetics.

Furthermore, being inside of our 20’ Flat Packs Container is as comfortable as in a regular building, or even better. That is because we add insulation on the walls and ceilings for thermal control and noise block. As a result, our container will provide a pleasant and cozy atmosphere, even when it is hot outside.

This type of modular construction is very versatile. It can be an office, meeting room, accommodation units (mess), kitchen, laundry rooms, medical facility, and many more. For that reason, many mining businesses choose flat packs as they can construct operational buildings and life-supporting facilities efficiently. Furthermore, this container is also ideal for disaster relief projects.

Our 20’ Flat Packs Container consists of a top frame, bottom frame, 4 corner posts, and 14 wall panels. The assembling process will take around 3 hours to complete. That sure can save plenty of your time and resources.

Ultimately, this container offers a flexible construction design. You can choose to have more space by attaching it side by side. Also, it is possible to stack it on top of one another to create a multi-story building.

Not to mention, there are a series of supporting facilities that you can include in the unit, including toilet, kitchen, ventilation, electricity, and plumbing.

Don’t worry, transporting flat packs will not cost as much as transporting 20ft containers. Because we can pack 4 of it as one, then ship it as 1 20ft container.


External dimensions : L 20’ x W 8’ x H 8.6’