20' High Cube Fuel Storage Tank Container


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Product Description

20’ High Cube Fuel Storage Tank Container is a special tank container from Tradecorp. Fuel is hazardous and flammable, that is why it must be stored carefully so it does not leak and cause company losses. This tank can be the right choice to keep your fuel secure and protected.
Safe and Strong
It is important to choose the right tank for your fuel because it can not be stored using a standard container. This 20’ High Cube Fuel Storage Tank Container comes with an International Standard Operations (ISO). They can help your goods store safely.

The quality of this tank makes it ideal to store fuel safely and securely. They are extremely strong to protect the fuel inside the tank container. The steel can resist corrosion, and it is also wind, and watertight. Moreover, their heavy-duty design makes them ideal to be put even in harsh conditions. They are capable to face any weather conditions.

This tank unit is portable. They can be moved easily and perfect for your fuel storage at the project site. It saves you time because it can be load and unload onto a truck quickly.

Long Term Use

The 20’ High Cube Fuel Storage Tank Container is made of heavy-duty steel which can last over 10 years. They are durable and good for short or long term use. Regular maintenance will make them reusable.

Other Features
This tank can be used to store various types of fuel. This unit will save you time and cost as it requires minimal installation costs. They are specially designed to make the fuel loading and unloading process easy.

We can help deliver the unit safely and effectively to the location you want. You can also pick it up directly from one of our depots that provide the unit of your choice.

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