20' Refrigerated DNV Shipping Container (White)


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Product Description

Our 20’ Refrigerated DNV Shipping Container (White) is a cold storage and transportation solution that can withstand extreme conditions during offshore applications. It is an energy-efficient, secure, and reliable refrigerated unit. It is fitted with offshore handling and lifting features, a cooling engine, and reefer supporting components.

Unlike regular reefer, this one complies with DNV standards. Thus, it has pad-eyes, slings, and shackles to support safer lifting and handling by crane. Plus, there are protective bars on the front and rear side to protect the engine and lock bars, respectively.

Our 20’ Refrigerated DNV Shipping Container (White) does not require a lot of effort to operate. It has a power plug cable to turn on the cooling system easily. Moreover, you can adjust the temperature, ventilation, and humidity using the digital controller attached on the front side.

Refrigerated containers provide a constant supply of cold air through the cooling engine. Depending on the brand you choose, some can provide a climate down to -30°, -35°, -40°, -60°, or -70 °. To make sure the cold air is well distributed, the reefer has a special T-Bar floor, which allows symmetrical bottom air delivery. Additionally, we use stainless steel interior to make the routine cleaning process easier.

Our 20’ Refrigerated DNV Shipping Container (White) follows the DNV 2.7-1 offshore container requirements. In addition to that, it meets the standards of ISO and it has a CSC plate, enabling international shipment.

Another thing, it comes with forklift pockets, wind-and watertight body, and secure locking mechanism.

To ensure that you have the right container you need, we provide modification and customization services. Also, you can ask us to include some reefer accessories, including an alarm lamp, curtain, internal release safety lock, shelvings, and more.

Above all, experience a stress-free container procurement journey with us. Our professional staff is ready to help you right from the beginning until your 20’ Refrigerated DNV Shipping Container (White) reaches its destination.


External dimensions : L 20’ x W 8’ x H 8.6’
Volume : 27 m³
Tare weight : 5.070 kgs
Max payload : 25.410 kgs
Max cargo : 30.480 kgs

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