20' T11 ISO Tank Container


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Product Description

Tradecorp has a 20’ T11 ISO Tank Container. It’s a multifunctional tank designed to carry various materials such as liquids, gasses, and powder. They can be used for transporting and storing materials safely.

They are also a food-grade tank container that has a special feature for shipping food material in liquids or powder. It can be used for shipping liquids such as juice, wine, water, and so on.

Our tanks are made of non-corrosive steel and are also weathertight. It makes this unit durable over 10 years and usable for the long term. You can use this tank to protect your product. This unit can also be used repeatedly. Because they are easy to maintain.

Our 20’ T11 ISO Container comes with a steel frame around the unit to cover it from a hard impact that can happen during the shipping process. The steel frame also makes it easy to move. This unit comes with a top hatch and a release valve.

20’ T11 ISO Container is a tank for non-hazardous chemicals that ready to be used and available for sale and hire. They are certified with International Standard Operations (ISO) so these units are safe and suitable for shipping, transporting, and storing cargo.

We can help you deliver the unit safely to the location you want. You can also pick it up directly from one of our depots that provide the unit of your choice.


Max Cargo : 36.000 kg
Tare Weight : 3.660 kg
Max Payload : 32.340 kg