20' Workshop Storage Container (White)

Product Description

Tradecorp has many types of storage containers, and one of them is this 20’ Workshop Storage Container (White). You can use it to store your repair supplies and equipment safely without having to worry about their safety and security.

This storage container has a unique design. There are two separate storage areas inside. One space is full of shelves for you to organize your supplies and inventory nicely. Additionally, this section has an ideal door type for storage application, which is a roll-up door.
As for the other space, it is parted into two-level vertical storage spaces that can be accessed easily through the rear end container door. You can place the bottom part with heavy machinery and other equipment meanwhile the upper section with lighter items for safer handling. Additionally, two-level storage is ideal if you have items packaged in steel drums. It helps maximize the available space by enabling drums to be vertically stored.

Our 20’ Workshop Storage Container (White) has numerous possibilities of usages, from storage to business purposes. It can be an ideal storage solution for your tools, equipment, and supplies because it is wind and watertight. Besides that, you can turn it into a place where you can finally have your own repair shop.

Not to mention, this storage unit is made of a container that fulfills the ISO standards. Thus, you do not have to worry as it is designed to survive even in extreme conditions. Furthermore, its Corten steel body and frame will remain strong and sturdy for a long time.

Best of all, we can help to turn your ideal storage design into reality. We offer a container modification service where you can custom design a container according to your needs. You can ask for other container sizes, more features, or different layouts.

Lastly, we can help take care of the delivery for your 20’ Workshop Storage Container (White) until it reaches its destination.


External dimensions : L 20’ x W 8’ x H 8.6’

  • 2 separate storage spaces
  • Roll-up door
  • Shelves
  • Electrical Installation
  • Secure locking mechanism