40′ High Cube Refrigerated Super Freezer Container


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Product Description

Tradecorp’s 40 High Cube Refrigerated Super Freezer Container (Reefer) has two strong points that set them aside from other products in our refrigerated container series. With a powerful Thermo King cooling engine, this container will provide a constant supply of cold air that can reach down to -60°C. Furthermore, with its large dimensions, transporting items that are sensitive to climate conditions will never be more efficient.

Our comes with basic features that make temperature control possible. Besides having a cooling engine, this unit comes with an air circulation fan, a T-Bar floor, stainless steel wall panels, and a dehumidification system.

This type of container is excellent for moving temperature-sensitive goods. It can maintain a steady temperature across your cargo, keeping it fresh even during long-distance travel. Additionally, this container can be used to store food supplies when having a big project in an area that is far from sources of food.

Our new container is built following the ISO standards. Thus, it receives a CSC plate that will remain active for five years since it was granted. With a valid CSC plate, our container is ready to cover your international shipping purposes.

To power up the reefer, all you need to do is plugging the cable to power sources. Next, you can set and control the inside temperature, humidity, as well as ventilation from the controller on the front side of the container.

Additionally, we can upgrade this container to include some features that support your needs. Some of the accessories that most people like to add are curtain, alarm lamp, GPS, etc.

This container will be available in one of our depots. We are happy to help you manage the delivery of the container until it reaches the requested location. But you absolutely can schedule a pickup for your .


External dimensions : L 40’ x W 8’ x H 9.6’
Volume : 57.4 m³
Tare weight : 5.860 kgs
Max payload : 28.140 kgs
Max cargo : 34.000 kgs