40' Fuel Storage Tank Container Rear Single Dispenser


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Product Description

When you work in a rural area, fuel supply such as petrol, diesel, etc. is one of the most important things to consider. And fuel storage becomes essential to your project. With Tradecorp’s 40ft Fuel storage tank container you can safely store your fuel.

This container offers you safe and efficient fuel storage. This container is built with two steel walls with a gap in between to prevent the possibility of leakage. Which can make you losing the product and polluting the environment. The gap between the two steel walls is meant to catch the leakage. Our fuel storage tank containers are durable, this container is weathertight and vermin proof which will prevent your fuel from getting contaminated by external elements.

This container also comes with a rear single dispenser, a pump that can dispense your fuel straight out of the tank, just like what you’ll find in a gas station. Which makes it easy to use on a daily basis.

All of tradecorp’s fuel containers meets ISO standards for shipping container. That allows us to ship the fuel storage, and they are also pretty easy to relocate. This fuel storage tank container is the perfect solution for storage and possibly a portable gas station because you can move the container easily, it’s everything you need in one unit. This type of container is perfect for projects in a remote area or places where fuel supply is uncertain because it’s very convenient and flexible, you don’t need to build a permanent fuel station that will cost you extra cash to spend.

With a 40ft fuel storage tank container rear single dispenser you can store your fuel securely. Call us if you need further information about this product, our staff will help you to find the right containers for your project. And we will also help you arrange the delivery of your containers.