40' Office Container (Grey)


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Product Description

Our 40 Office Container (Grey) provides an ideal space to become a fully functioning office that can accommodate more than six people. It is made using a 40’ General Purpose Container; thus, it has an external dimension of 40’ long, 8’ wide, and 8.6’ height. We equip this container with some basic yet high quality features so you can use it right away once arrives.

In addition, we fully insulated its walls to make the container’s inside temperature more stable throughout the day. Provided that, this 40’ Office Container (Grey) will be less hot when exposed to the sun.

Another thing, this office container has a wood floor pattern which give an elegant touch to your office unit. Also, we put some power outlets around this unit and install lights to make it ready to use. Furthermore, an air conditioner is already included within the purchase of this product.

Moreover, the 40 Office Container (Grey) is a great office solution not only for construction and mining companies but also for businesses in other sectors. This container gives the impression of modern architecture, which makes your new workspace very appealing to most people.

On top of that, we can help to modify the container’s interior to have a full or low partition to separate one area from another. Also, we can include this container with a mini pantry, praying room, or toilet. Most importantly, you can request the interior and exterior wall color of our 40’ Office Container (Grey) to match your company’s brand.

With a long history in the container industry, you can expect a great quality product and a stress-free ordering process. Additionally, our skillful team is ready to help you to arrange the safest and most efficient route to deliver your 40’ Office Container (Grey) to its destination.


External dimensions : L 40’ x W 8’ x H 8.6’
Type : open space (you can design the layout)
Features : 2 doors, 3 windows, wood floor pattern, insulated walls, air conditioner, air conditioner outdoor machine storage, light, power outlets.