40' Side Opening High Cube Shipping Container

Product Description

The 40 Side Opening High Cube Container is the most excellent, the most spacious, and the most effective out of Side Opening variants. It has dimensions of 40 long, 8’ wide, and 9.6’ tall. Furthermore, there is an extensive door throughout the side of this container.

If your business sells bulk items, the more items you can fit in one container, the more you save out of one shipping cost. Also, the strategic side opening provides better access to the stored items. You can unload and offload items faster, especially if you need a particular items located deep inside the container.

Our 40 Side Opening High Cube Container is suitable for dry cargo shipment, storage, and conversion project. It’s Corten steel body and structure powerful enough to protect your goods from external damages. Moreover, this container can prevail against the sun, rain, and wind. Effective to keep your cargo safe.

The new container includes CSC plate attached to the container’s left door, enabling international shipping purposes.

Although the side door is tremendous in size, the design enables one person to easily open and close it. You can effortlessly fold the rubber-sealed doors to open and bring them to a closed position for secure storage and transport.

To improve the security, we can add a lockbox to your container. In addition to that, your container doors can have tiebacks to prevent serious damages from accidental closing. Furthermore, we can do custom exterior paint for the container to match your company’s brand at the best price.

We have handled many clients in the past, and we always deliver a quality container as promised before the you need it without fail. You can also let us help you in arranging the delivery of your container until it reaches its destination.


External dimensions : L 40’ x W 8’ x H 9.6’
Volume : 67.2 m³
Tare weight : 5.600 kgs
Max payload : 24.880 kgs
Max cargo : 30.480 kgs