40' Tank Container (Chrome)

Product Description

Tradecorp 40’ Tank Container (Chrome) is suitable for storing and transporting non-hazardous liquid. With this 40 feet long tank container, you will be able to carry more products at once to eliminate the waste of time and resources. But most importantly, this type of container offers secure transport and storage.

Our tank container comes with a steel frame structure that follows the ISO standard container measurements. Therefore, you can use the same handling equipment as a regular container and stack it on top of each other. Moreover, this container has a thermal insulation layer to reduce heat losses because of evaporation.

Furthermore, it is important to know whether your tank is clean and safe to use before loading it with cargo. For that reason, there are man lids on top of our 40’ Tank Container (Chrome). Man lids provide access to the inside of the container for inspection, maintenance, and cleaning.

40’ Tank Container (Chrome)

Additionally, this type of container has bottom and top valves. We recommend you to discharge items from the bottom valve opening to limit the risks when accessing the top of the tank. There is also a safety valve on top of the tank. It is for removing excess pressure due to chemical reactions or overheating.

Above all, we also equip the container with a ladder and top walkway. With such features, personnel can go on top of the container easily and safely for cleaning, filling, or discharging purposes.

Ultimately, we can work with special requirements to design a container that suits your situation. Feel free to request extra features or tank accessories in order to improve efficiency and safety. Few examples of additional safety features include guard rails for fall protection and baffle for reducing liquid surge.

Enjoy an easy container ordering process with Tradecorp. We can help arrange the delivery of your 40’ Tank Container (Chrome) to the requested location. But of course, self pick up option is also available.


External dimensions : L 40’ x W 8’ x H 8.6’
Tare weight : 5.560 kgs
Max payload : 33.440 kgs
Max cargo : 39.000 kgs