Shelter Container 5 40' (Black)

Product Description

Container shelter is a quick, inexpensive, and flexible solution for storing equipment and supplies. This unit can be your alternative to have flexible temporary storage space.

Feature Explanation and Its Benefits
Placing several shipping containers parallelly and add a big canopy between them, making the 5 40 ‘container shelter have enough space to store your project needs. Also, can keep the items in it from exposure to sunlight, rain, and strong winds.

The Benefits of Shelter Container 5 40:

  • This unit can be an open storage space but with a lot of space.
  • Can be an alternative storage space if you do not want to build permanent storage space.
  • It is relatively easy to dismantle and remove once you are done using it for your project.

Primary Purpose
Shelter Container 5 40 ‘is usually used as a storage space for companies or projects in open spaces. however, this unit can also be used as a workshop for large and dangerous goods

Our new containers are made using very strong Corten steel, they follow ISO standards, and are equipped with a valid CSC plate. Such features make them watertight, vermin proof, and earthquake-proof.
We have handled various shelter container orders from many companies of various sizes and concepts. You can customize it according to your wishes. We can make it happen.

We can help you deliver your container shelter to the location you have specified. This unit will arrive at your location safely.


External Dimensions (Dimensi Eksternal) : P 40’ x L 8 x T 8.6’
Type (Tipe) : Shelter Container


  • Made of Corten steel which is strong in a variety of weather.
  • Has a large canopy cover to keep items stored.