Shelter Container


Main Feature
Shelter Container is made of several containers that are placed parallel to each other on the ground, which is added with a canopy component above it. These containers placed side by side are useful as storage or warehouse. Coupled with the canopy above them, making a space between these containers that can be used to place large items that do not fit in a container.

The Benefits of Shelter Container

  • Have a large storage space with a fairly short construction time.
  • Does not require a building permit because a shelter container is considered a temporary building.
  • Can be used as a temporary or permanent structure.

Primary Purpose
For those of you who want to have a shelter container, this unit can be used for:

  1. Warehouse
  2. Garage
  3. Project Storage
  4. Evacuation Shelter
  5. Workshop
  6. Emergency Unit, etc.

Furthermore, our brand-new container units are made following ISO standardization, and we also equip it with a valid CSC plate.

With a strong frame and heavy-duty steel, this shelter is built to withstand various weather conditions, such as strong winds, storms, and hot weather.

Customized Your Shelter Container
This unit is very versatile, and we can help to modify it to suit your needs. You can customize the exterior and interior of your container.

We can help you to arrange the transport of the container until it reaches its destination. Additionally, we will choose the nearest depots to your locations among all the depots we have throughout the nation.


  • Two units or more containers side by side
  • A canopy as a cover between the two containers
  • Spacious storage space.