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At Tradecorp Shipping Containers Indonesia, we’re proud to offer a host of container modifications for our customers. These shipping container modifications make it easy when doing certain projects or to complete your projects. Whether this is launching a new mobile business, getting specialized storage options, or something else, we can help. Take a look at our container modification capabilities below.

Hoardings and Gantries

First of all, we can create and send out hoardings and gantries to help keep pedestrians and passersby safe at your construction site. They’re a viable, durable and transportable safety solution. In addition, hoardings and gantries help to create a covered passageway for any pedestrians, eliminating danger from falling debris. Depending on your needs, we can connect several together to create one long walkway that can include accommodation units or other facilities. 

We provide hoardings and gantries in sizes as large or as compact as you like, and we’re happy to tailor them to suit your needs.


Passage Containers

Next, our passage containers provide a unique storage unit for construction sites. Along with the traditional containers, there is a specialized roofed space between the containers, made out of durable steel for added security. This space creates a small walkway that can protect you against falling site debris or the elements.  Moreover, you can also use it to store sensitive materials when they’re not in use. 

We can manufacture these passage containers in several sizes to suit your needs and space constraints. Additionally, we also offer several modifications that allow us to support specialized requirements. 

Coal Bin containers

Following that, we provide coal bins as a quality transportation solution that is specially designed to increase your efficiency levels, as well as supporting easy transporting coal from your mine site to its destination. We make all of our coal bins from modified shipping containers, and we reinforce them with a steel beam that runs along their length. Furthermore, we can add a custom-made drainage system that prevents water from pooling in your coal bin, reducing the weight and increasing efficiency. 

You’ll also get a custom locking system that stops the doors from swinging open when you transport your coal. Another thing, you can set it to open automatically or manually, depending on what you need. 


Further, refrigerator containers or ‘reefers’ are modified shipping containers that contain a built-in refrigeration system. Provided that, it allows these units to effectively and safely store or transport perishable products. They’re also great for products that have to stay a certain temperature. We design them to use a very simple plug and play power output, and this lets you power them very quickly and with ease. Additionally, you’ll also have the option of several different accessories, designs, power capacities, and more, depending on your needs.

Generator Units

Next,  Tradecorp Shipping Containers Indonesia provides container modification of generator units. We have industry-leading generator units available for our customers. We customize them with a power supply solution that is suitable for a broad range of projects. Their durable construction keeps all of your generators secure and out of the disruptive elements. Depending on your needs, you’re able to equip them with a variety of generator sizes and power outputs quickly and efficiently. 

Besides, they’re also very easy to transport, and this makes them a great option for mining projects or onsite construction projects. You can easily move them from space to space without an issue. 

3-In-1 Construction Units

Additionally, we have a line of 3-in-1 construction units that give you workspace, construction site storage, and a toilet all packed into one portable unit. They’re very easy for you to transport from one construction or project site to another, and are available in sizes as compact as 10 feet by 10 feet. Furthermore, this is excellent for areas where transportation or space is a problem.

Similarly, these construction units feature a plug and play design that allows you to quickly hook it up to a power source. We also can easily customize it with vents and a variety of modifications to suit your wants and needs before we ship it to you. 

Self Storage Units

You can quickly and easily secure and store your items with our self storage units. We can replace the unit’s walls with lockable roller doors. These doors make it easy to open and close them in any environment, and they add another layer of security to your unit. Also, if you need more than one self-storage unit, we can create segmented storage units in one container. Moreover, we can include things like refrigeration, shelving, whirlybirds, and much more to suit your needs. 

Hospitality and Retail

Ready to launch a mobile branch of your business? If so, we offer hospitality and retail units at Tradecorp Shipping Containers Indonesia. We’re also able to fully customize your container to match your brand. By using this, you’ll get a cost-effective and unique hospitality or retail space that you can use to maximize your business potential. They also make great spaces for an employee break room or an extra storage unit. Whatever you need, our containers can help.


Changing Rooms

Our durable shipping container changing rooms provide the ultimate in security and privacy. We can outfit these units with air conditioning, seats, showers, hooks for clothing, and a range of other facilities. Furthermore, our plug and play technology allows you to efficiently power your changing room from virtually everywhere. You can transport them easily which makes them perfect for sports clubs or on-site projects. 

Fuel Storage

Lastly, Tradecorp Shipping Containers Indonesia offers industry-leading fuel storage containers. We make them very easy to transport because we outfit them with forklift pockets. You can use these type of shipping containers to transport your fuel reserve around your project site, and they also act as anchors on your container for added security. In addition, we can customize them to suit your needs, and they come in a range of sizes. 

Frequently asked questions

Why choose Tradecorp for your container modification needs?

Whether for business purposes, shipment of cargo, or something else, Tradecorp Shipping Containers Indonesia ready to provide you with our container modification service to fulfill your container needs.

How many kinds of modified container that Tradecorp offers?

There are 10 types of modified container that we offer. However, if the modified container that you are looking for is not listed above, don’t hesitate to contact us because we can help to do a custom work for you.

What are the types of modified shipping containers that Tradecorp provides?

1. Hoardings and gantries, 2. Passage containers, 3. Coal bins, 4. Refrigerated container, 5. Generator units, 6. 3-in-1 construction unit, 7. Self storage units, 8. Hospitality and retail, 9. Changing rooms, 10. Fuel storage

What kind of modification that can be done for self storage units?

Tradecorp can replace the wall of the self storage units with rolling door. That upgrade enables you to easily access your storage items. Futhermore, the self storage units can be eqipped with special lock sytem to improve the security.

What 3-in-1 construction units are good for?

3-in-1 construction units provide workspace, storage area for equipments, and toilet that put into a single shipping container for practicality. Additionally, just like the other containers in general, this unit also easy to move around from one project site to other sites.

What is the dimension of 3-in-1 construction unit?

The compact size, which is 3×3 meters, making this unit very practical and suitable for area that has limited space.

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