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Tradecorp provides chicken cold storage to store chicken meat at -40°C (-40°F) or below to prevent pathogen contamination.

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Why Use Cold Storage For Chicken Meat?

Fresh red and white meats are highly palatable animal protein worldwide yet perishable foods at the same time. To retain the shelf life of these temperature-sensitive foods, keeping consistently low-temperature cold storage during the delivery process is a major concern for the food, retail, and catering industries.

Our refrigerated container units, ‘reefers’, feature built-in cooling machines (i.e., Daikin, Carrier, Thermo King) distributing cool airflow across entire foods and preventing products from spoilage. 

Their customizable sizes and designs fit your requirements and are cost-saving for shipping. Their T-Bar floor and stainless-steel interior sustain a cold-temperature environment and are hygienic food-grade storage.

The digital controller easily maintains specific low temperatures, while ISO requirements and the CSC plate are our adherence to the international shipping standard and safe transportation.

Storing Whole Chicken up to 12 Months

20′ Refrigerated Super Freezer Container


Safe Storage and Transport of Red Meat and Poultry

Raw meat and poultry require cold storage at the temperature of – 40°C (-40°F) or below to prevent pathogenic contamination. At plants, red meat carcasses are refrigerated in a blast cooler with rapid moving chilled air, while poultry carcasses require a chilling temperature of -40oC (-40oF) or below.

During the delivery from the plant to retails, those carcasses should be chilled in reefers at the temperature of -40°C (-40°F). Additionally, refrigerated containers transporting the carcasses need to be built with probes for monitoring the temperature inside and deviations during loading, unloading and transits.  

If your projects are related to meat and poultry products and you need to get advice on cold storage, please fill in the quote, and our sales team will contact you to discuss your requirements at competitive prices. 

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