Tradecorp Cold Storage for

Flammable Substance

Zat berbahaya dengan sifat mudah meledak dan mudah terbakar memiliki titik didih dan titik nyala masing-masing, dan oleh karena itu sangat penting untuk menyimpan barang-barang berbahaya ini pada suhu yang diperlukan oleh masing-masing Zat tersebut.

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Cold Storage for

Flammable Substance

Dangerous substances with explosive and flammable properties have their respective boiling and flash point, and therefore it is imperative to store these dangerous goods at their respective required temperature.

When working along with chemicals whose properties are hazardous to personnel or surrounding environments, respecting their margin of error during storage and transport are imperative. Refrigerated containers that can maintain a recommended temperature range are suitable storage for these temperature-sensitive chemical products.

Of note, the cooling machine of a reefer container holds the respective temperature range and keeps the dangerous substance safe from temperature fluctuations during loading, unloading, and transits. 

If your projects are related to flammable and combustible substances and you need to get advice on cold storage, please fill in the quote, and our sales team will contact you to discuss your requirements at competitive prices. 

Flammable & Combustible Substances Background

10' Feet Refrigerated Container

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20' Refrigerated Container

Why Do Flammable Substances Need Storage Such As Cold Storage Containers?

Chemicals and dangerous goods (explosive, flammable, toxic, and harmful substances) require properly managed cold storage containers to avoid potential safety hazards.

Our refrigerated container units, ‘reefers’, are designed with such safety features as built-in cooling machines (i.e., Daikin, Carrier, Thermo King) distributing sufficient cool airflow throughout the storage. Their customizable sizes and designs fit your requirements and are a cost-saving for shipping.

The digital controller easily maintains specific low temperatures, while ISO requirements and the CSC plate are our adherence to the international shipping standard and safe transportation. We deliver your products to their destination. Call us and find your solutions.

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