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The Advantages of Container Data Centers


The modification of modular prefabricated buildings into a data center facility is faster compared to constructing a data center using conventional buildings. The use of shipping container construction even allows for expansion to add more server rooms.


A container data center is designed and shaped in a way that allows it to be easily moved using a crane or forklift. Its portable nature is useful when you need to relocate the data center to a distant location or for temporary moves.


A container data center is designed to save energy by integrating advanced cooling and power management technologies within a single enclosure. This efficiency is also evident in the utilization of container space to accommodate the necessary infrastructure.


Compared to constructing conventional buildings, using modular buildings as data centers can save even more costs. This is supported by construction, maintenance, and operational expenses that contribute to the creation of efficiency.


Using a container as a vessel or facility to contain the entire data center infrastructure is considered secure. The structure and construction of shipping containers are equipped with panels from modular construction that greatly support security, both indoors and outdoors.

What is Container Data Center?

A container data center is a data center that utilizes shipping container construction and prefabricated buildings as facilities for housing equipment or server rooms, allowing for easy transportation and placement.

Due to its shipping container-based structure and construction, the container data center accommodates all necessary IT equipment and other components within a data center.

Container Data Center

Specifications of Data Center Container by Tradecorp Indonesia

  • 1 x 40’HC Second Hand Shipping Container in Good Cargo Worthy Condition (80% Condition).
  • Ceiling Frames and inside Walls Frames are Constructed from 40mm x 40mm Hollow Zinkalume.
  • Ceiling is Clad in 3mm Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP Color to be decided by the Customer).
  • Walls are Clad in 3mm Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP Color to be decided by the Customer).
  • General Heat Insulation and Noise Absorption is achieved using 50mm Rock Wool (Density: 33kg/m, Fire Retardant, Euro Class: A1).
  • Original Container Floor will be overlaid with 5mm Flat Aluminum sheeting.(Not Checker Plate).
  • 1 x Full Partition Wall, constructed from 40mm x 40mm x 1.2mm Hollow Box Steel Frames. The Frames will then be clad in 3mm Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP Color to be decided by the Customer).
  • 1 x 900mm x 2000mm External Entry Door constructed from 30mm x 30mm Hollow Box Steel frames with 2mm Steel Sheeting on the Outside 3mm Aluminum Composite Panel on the Inside. Both Outside and Inside Door Handles will be constructed from 3/4 inch Steel Pipe. NB. This Door will be fitted with Fingerprint Access Door Locking/Entry System.
  • 1 x 900mm x 200mm Emergency Escape Door, constructed from 30mm x 30mm Hollow Box Steel frames with 2mm Steel Sheeting on the Outside and 1.4mm 3mm Aluminum Composite Panel on the Inside. The Emergency Escape Door will be fitted with a Panic Bar Locking System (“Solid” Brand, Mod. P310+016).
  • 1 x 900mm x 2000mm Internal Sliding Door. The Sliding Door will be constructed from Aluminum Frames with a 10mm Clear Acrylic insert.
  • 2 x Outside A/C Compressor Units Cages (Modular).
  • Holes for A/C Piping Provided.
  • 1 x 2000mm x 1500mm Removable (Knockdown) Awning over External Entry Door. The Awning is constructed from Steel (Removable for the Unit Mobilization).
  • 1 x Finger Print Access Door Lock/Entry Unit (Mod. ZKTeco MA300).
  • 1 x Cable Entry Plate with 8 x Rubber Entry Glands (“Compscope” Brand or equivalent).
  • 2 x 2 PK Air Conditioners (Split type) (Panasonic Brand).
  • 4 x LED TL 16 watt Double Lights.
  • 2 x Emergency Exit Lights (as Per Electrical Installation Drawing).
  • 4 x Single Power Points.
  • 2 x 3 Pin Single Power Points for A/C’s.
  • 4 x Single Light Switches.
  • Floor Mounted Distribution Supply Cable Tray (as Per Drawing).
  • All Internal Electrical Wiring/Cabling will be through Wall Mounted PVC Ducting.
  • Exterior will be painted using Epoxy Primer and finished in Kansai Gloss Top Coat.
  • Exterior color is decided by the Customer.

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