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What is an Economic Portable Toilet?

An Economic Portable Toilet is a practical portable toilet unit for many needs. Units like these are very useful for outdoor events, where toilets are considered as the basic human necessity in urban areas. 

Regardless of whether it is a workplace or outdoor event, everyone requires a safe, comfortable and private place to relieve themselves. Portable toilets can provide the right solution to this problem, no matter the situation. 

Toilet portable warna biru.



The basic framework of this unit uses aluminum, which is resistant to corrosion and lightweight, but durable.


The floors of this unit are made of steel plate or known as diamond plate. The steel plate allows the unit to have a strong foundation to withstand heavy loads.


The walls of this unit use sandwich panel, which is an insulated panel to give the inside of the unit thermal insulation. The door is also made of sandwich panel with a round door handle. 

Air Circulation

To ensure better air circulation, air vents are added on top of the toilet wall and on the door. Exhaust is also provided on the back of the walls.


There is one toilet seat unit and a sink inside the unit. A squat toilet or a urinal can be added as an option in this unit.

Benefits of Using Economic Portable Toilet

No matter if it’s a work setting or an outdoor gathering, everyone needs a safe, comfortable, and private space to take care of their business. Whatever the circumstance or location, portable toilets might offer the ideal solution to that issue. Below are the advantages of using portable restrooms at construction sites and outdoor events:



For both individuals who rent them and those who use them, comfort is the main advantage of portable toilets. The unit can be rapidly set up and used in private and comes with a toilet and sink.



The portability of portable toilets is one of their key advantages. They may be transported to any location with little effort because they are composed of strong, lightweight materials. This implies that your events or activities will go off without a hitch.


Conserve Space

These devices don’t need a lot of space because of their compact size. This enables project managers or event planners to locate numerous restrooms in one location. Long lineups can be avoided by placing numerous restrooms, which offers various advantages for those in charge of planning events or carrying out projects.

Frequently Ask Question

A portable toilet is one that may be transported and used in different settings. This portable toilet container can be used for various purposes, including concerts, outdoor events, construction sites, and emergency circumstances. Several varieties of portable toilets exist, including: 

Toilet Porta Potty A Porta Potty is a portable toilet used outdoors and can be found at various outdoor events or construction sites. 
Toilet Trailer A Toilet Trailer is a portable toilet that can be pulled by a truck and used at various outdoor events or construction sites.   
Mobile Toilet
A Mobile Toilet is a portable toilet that can be moved by a vehicle and used at various outdoor events or construction sites.   
Isolated Toilet
An Isolated Toilet is a portable toilet used for events or projects that require temperature isolation and designed for use in areas requiring stable cold or hot temperatures. 

A portable container toilet typically comes equipped with basic facilities such as a washbasin, water, and an appropriate sewage system in accordance with health standards. Some types of portable toilets also have additional facilities such as hot water, air conditioning, and so on.

1. A toilet bowl to retain waste

This toilet performs comparable duties to a standard toilet. Squat toilets and sit-down toilets are the two varieties of toilets. This single toilet has a jet sprayer for the convenience of the user and is designed to contain waste.

2. Through the filtration process

Additionally, after the waste has been collected, it will undergo a procedure called filtration. For using the portable toilet, it also has a filter with a hexagonal form, which is shaped similarly to a bee’s honeycomb.

With this format, the waste from the portable toilet will be filtered perfectly. Separating liquid from solid waste is the goal of the toilet filtration procedure. One of them is included in the filter to break down solid waste into smaller waste.

3. Disposed to a Holding Tank

The holes on the portable toilet typically have multiple functions. Due to the ventilation provided by one hole, the toilet will not smell. Then, another hole is used to direct the septic tank’s contents to the disposal area.

You can get rid of it whether the toilet is empty. The final hole is used to collect and dispose of water from the toilet floor. Thanks to the presence of these perforations, the water collection remains clean.

4. Disposal and Drainage Process

The portable toilet has a disposal and drainage system, of course. If you wish to make a direct shift, eliminating the requirement for daily control, you will need a pipe. The method of disposal is then frequently handled by the outdoor toilet.