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Containers for offshore oil and gas Exploration

Offshore oil and gas exploration takes place in a harsh environment where severe weather can damage tools and supplies. A special reinforce container is needed to protect all the things needed on an offshore platform.

Tradecorp has many years of experience providing Offshore DNV Containers in numerous shapes and sizes. Offshore DNV Container is a certified reinforced container specially built for offshore use.

Tradecorp also has the option of leasing or buying for the containers. Each of these options has different advantages. Feel free to consult with our team of experts for the best options to suit the industry.

The scope of our services extends from Sabang to Merauke. We can serve and fulfill your container needs throughout Indonesia. This is all thanks to the presence of our depots in strategic locations that make it easy to ship to all corners of Indonesia.

Tradecorp’s years of experience in the Indonesian container industry have made many clients trust us to handle big projects. Big events, such as the Asian Games or PON, have helped its success thanks to the Tradecorp containers unit.

Get in touch with Tradecorp’s team for the best deals. Our team is happy to help you find the ideal container to meet your industrial needs.


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