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With more and more people starting to focus on the environment it makes sense why cost effective kit homes from Tradecorp Indonesia are becoming so popular. After all a quality kit home can last for a lifetime, and it’s very easy to personalise the kit home you build to suit your personal needs and circumstances.

Tradecorp Shipping Containers Indonesia has a range of kit houses and kit home specifications available to make your buying decision that much easier. Simply download the KIT HOME SPECIFICATION BROCHURE and you’ll find out why Tradcorp is Asia’s leading company offering container and housing solutions needs.

there are many Reasons to Build a KIT Home!

You only have to jump onto Google or read the news to see how popular prefab kit homes have become! With the cost of real estate throughout Indonesia on the rise, there has never been a better time to team with Tradecorp. Be it to construct your forever home, or be it to construct a temporary residence or construction site office, a Tradecorp kit home is the answer you’ve been looking for!

Reasons to build and maintain a Tradecorp kit home include:

1) The Tradecorp 36 m2 portable kit houses are constructed of thick metal frames and walls and a light-weight wall panels system. Which makes them super tough and super versatile! All of which makes them perfect for our trying Indonesian weather conditions.

2) Allow for super easy installation, making them very popular for temporary residences that need to be removed at a later date without too much fuss. 

3) Wind resistant up to 210 km/h and have a seismic resistance of more than Grade 8.

4) CE, BV & TUV certified, and have been exported to over 100 countries around the world (including Japan, Brazil, South Africa and Dubai, to name just a few).

5) Come with a specialised galvanizing coating in a variety of colours.

6) Come with a very low carbon footprint meaning they are the ideal sustainability dwelling for the eco conscious.

7) The cost of a kit home from Tradecorp Indonesia is less than you’d imagine (and a LOT less than constructing a traditional residence!). And Tradecorp won’t be beaten on price, anywhere in Asia!

8) The portability offered when you purchase a kit home from Tradecorp Indonesia means that you can move it whenever you need to. This is especially great for companies using the kit homes as temporary housing on construction sites, etc.

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We invite you to contact us at Tradecorp Shipping Containers Indonesia today if you’re looking for a solid structure to build your new container home with. We have several containers available, and we can help you design the perfect space.