Onsite Cold Storage Service

Onsite Cold Storage Rooms can be used to store fresh food ingredients, pharmaceutical and medical products, ambient products, chilled products, frozen products and other products that must be stored in a cold and stable temperature.


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cold room for sale , freezer rentals
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Cold Storage Rooms is a term used for refrigerated storage facilities similar to freezer rooms or modular cold rooms, which are usually used to store food and pharmaceutical products so that the quality of the products is maintained.

Our Cold Storage uses several Refrigerated containers combined to make freezer rooms. This type of cold storage container is suitable to store products that require special handling in order to produce the right deviation temperature for the product being stored so that it is fresher before distribution.

For storing frozen products, Tradecorp’s Onsite Cold Storage is an attractive option because you don’t need to spend an extra budget to buy Reefer Containers. Tradecorp Indonesia provides modular cold rooms rental to customers for all product categories that require cold storage.

This rental freezer room service is very suitable especially if you are in the food & beverage business that must use cold storage.

We maintain all reefer units so that they are always in good condition so when you are using our cold room rental service, your product’s quality will be kept as good as possible.

Without the need to buy and maintain reefer containers, you can still benefit from our cold storage service at an affordable monthly fee.

In addition, Onsite Cold Storage can be used to store fresh food ingredients, pharmaceutical, and drug products, ambient products, chilled products, frozen products, and other products that must be stored in a stable temperature state.s

Onsite Cold Storage Benefits

01 Cost Effective

✓ By renting our Onsite Cold Storage you do not need to spend budget to maintain and buy the reefer unit

02 Exclusive

✓ One Reefer Cold Storage for one customer, so you can ensure that your product is not mixed with products from other customers.

03 Secure

✓ 24 Hours security in our Cold Storage warehouse area provides a sense of security for customers.

04 Flexible

✓ By renting Cold Storage from Tradecorp Indonesia, you can start and stop renting at any time according to your needs.


Let us take care your cold storage rooms problem. Contact us now to get more information about Onsite Cold Storage Rooms, and Freezer Rooms for sale. Our staff is ready to help and provide the best price just for you.

cold room for sale , cool rooms for sale , freezer rentals