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Open Top Container 20ft and 40ft for Sale and Rent

What is an Open Top Containers?

open top container

The Open top container is one of the commonly used containers for international shipping. These containers are available in 20 or 40 feet with a unique top that can be opened or closed. These containers are specially designed to load unusually large objects or have a height that cannot be loaded into standard containers.

Corten steel is used as the main material to build this open top container. Examples of cargo that is usually transported using open top containers are steel pipes of varying lengths, logs, steel plates, and so on.

Open top containers make it easy for you to load and unload goods easily. This container is also equipped with a standard door on the back of the unit to facilitate the process of packing your goods. If you want to protect your cargo from rain or wind you can cover the top of this container with a high-quality tarpaulin.

The Cargo Transported with an Open Top Container

open top kontainer
open top
open top kontainer

Living trees or plants

Granite or marble blocks

Coal and coke

Scrap iron


Glass sheets

Building materials


Types of Open Top Containers Based on Size

Open Top Container 20ft and Dimensions

Dimensions of Open Top 20ft


Length x Width x Height (External)

6.058 x 2.438 x 2.591 meter

Length x Width x Height (Internal)

5.800 x 2.290 x 2.660 meter

Container Weight + Cargo (M.G.W)

30,480 kg

Container Weight (Tare)

2,350 kg

Cargo Weight (Net)

28,130 Kg

Volume (CU.CAP)

32.7 cubic meter

Open Top Container 40ft and Dimensions

Dimensions of Open Top 40ft


Length x Width x Height (External)

12.192 x 2.438 x 2.591 meter

Length x Width x Height (Internal)

12.000 x 2.290 x 2.660 meter

Container Weight + Cargo (M.G.W)

32,500 kg

Container Weight (Tare)

3,730 kg

Cargo Weight (Net)

28,770 kg

Volume (CU.CAP)

66.4 cubic mete

The Advantages of Using Open Top Containers from Tradecorp

Easy Transportation

The special design applied to open top containers, namely the roof of the container that can be removed or without the use of a roof, does not distinguish transportation from other containers. Open top containers can be shipped by container ship, truck, or by train.

Have International Standards

This roofless container has safety and feasibility that has been certified according to international standards (ISO). This provides security for you to use open top containers.

Make It Easy to Unload

The uniqueness of an open top container with a top that can be opened is that it gives you more space to carry out the loading and unloading process. In this situation, cargo that is quite heavy and has a unique shape will be much easier and faster to unload from above than using a side door. You can easily and efficiently unload the goods using a crane.

Equipped with Tarpaulin

Open top containers do have a roof that can be removed or reassembled as needed (hard top). However, this container unit also provides you with a quality tarpaulin (soft top) to be used as a top cover. Tarpaulins can be used for a long time because they have strong material and are not easily torn or damaged.

Equipped with CSS Plate

Open top container in new condition is equipped with CSS Plate as a condition for overseas shipping. This CSS Plate is used in container shipping on international routes. This is a standard requirement to pass safety tests, which helps maintain a high level of human safety in container transport. On the other hand, CSS Plates are used to facilitate international container transit by setting generally accepted safety standards around the world. CSS Plate is valid and can be renewed every 5 years.


You don’t need to doubt anymore about the safety of this container. Each open top container unit is equipped with locking bars, making it safe and strong for shipping and storing goods.

Open Top Containers Features

Hard Top & Soft Top

Open top containers have different features than standard containers. In most of these types of containers, the hard top is a container roof made of steel. This roof can be removed and reassembled with the help of a crane. This feature gives you easy loading and unloading process.

As for the soft top feature on the open top container, it is made of high-quality tarpaulin which is strong and not easily torn. This type of roof is lighter than the hard top. In the container shipping industry, this is the standard pick. You don’t have to worry about whether the use of this roof is safe or not, because the soft top feature is equipped with eyelets that are used to lock the tarp for safety.

4 Locking Bars on Open Top Container Door

Security is the most important part of the container industry. An open top container is a container equipped with a standard door feature on the back of the unit to facilitate the process of loading goods.

This is also supported by the safety of the open top container, namely there are 4 locking bars on the door. That way, you don’t have to worry during the shipping process, because your cargo or goods will remain safe.

Using Strong & Durable Quality Materials

The open top container is made of corten steel which is resistant to bad weather. The use of corten steel makes open top containers more corrosion resistant than iron in general, so they are good for long-term use and provide easy maintenance. You don’t need to worry if you use this container, because this container can survive during the shipping process, both land and sea.

The Differences Between Open Top and Flat Rack Containers


Open Top Container

Flat Rack Container


Has 4 solid walls

Only has 2 end walls


The roof can be removed or covered with a tarp

Has no roof at all

Loading and Unloading

Loading and unloading can be done from the top or through the door

Loading and unloading can be done from the top or the sides


Suitable for trees or live plants, granite or marble blocks, coal and coke, scrap iron, machinery, glass sheets, building materials, logs

Suitable for transporting heavy equipment, building materials, and vehicles


Less capable of carrying heavier loads compared to flat rack containers

Can carry loads that cannot be transported by open top containers

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