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Mining Accommodation in Central Kalimantan

Central Kalimantan Province has a significant potential for coal in Indonesia, making it a province that contributes to coal production. Tradecorp Indonesia plays a role in providing mining camps in Central Kalimantan with a capacity of 700 people.

Modular Buildings as Accommodations

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Modular Buildings for Operations


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Why Modular Buildings?

Quickly Constructed

The advantage of modular buildings is that they can be constructed quickly because of the implementation of a knockdown system. The knockdown system operates by dismantling and installing the building frame along with the modular panels.


Almost all of the materials in the production of panels are calculated for their needs, leaving very little waste. This is why the production of modular buildings is considered environmentally friendly.

Sturdy Design

Modular buildings boast robust structures and construction due to their solid panels. These features ensure minimal impact from ground vibrations, even when heavy equipment is in use.


Amplifying space within modular buildings proves more manageable in comparison to conventional structures. This inherent flexibility is a hallmark of modular construction. For instance, envision project proprietors intending to expand spatial capacity or height. Simply disassembling select construction segments allows for the addition of modules, either laterally or vertically.


Choosing modular buildings saves on construction costs for project infrastructure. Controlled material usage reduces panel production expenses. In terms of time, modular construction is more efficient and faster to construct than conventional buildings.

Enhanced Safety

The manufacturing of components in the factory and the minimal involvement of workers reduce the risk of accidents. In contrast to the construction of permanent buildings, where many workers are involved, thus increasing the risk of accidents.

Quality Assurance

Modular buildings consist of pre-made sandwich panels in the factory, providing fire-resistant and sound-insulating properties. Materials like polyurethane (PU), rock wool, or expanded polystyrene (EPS) ensure quality in modular panel production.

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Overview of Coal Potential in Central Kalimantan

In 2021, Central Kalimantan Province ranked third as the largest coal-producing region in Indonesia. The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (Minerba) data for 2022 recorded Central Kalimantan’s production in 2021 at 22.9 million tons.

The coal reserves in Central Kalimantan are located in various areas, including Pendreh, Benangin, Lahai, Pangkalanbun, Kualakurun, and Purukcahu.

Central Kalimantan Coal Resources (2021)

Total (in million tons)