10' High Cube Cafe Container (Yellow)


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Product Description

Start your food and beverage business strong with Tradecorp 10’ High Cube Cafe Container (Yellow). It is another stunning container cafe design that offers flexibility to accommodate any products you are trying to sell. Plus, it comes in a compact size, which makes it ideal if you have limited space available.

With a bright yellow color, this unit is catchy and easy to spot even from far. Both exterior and interior walls offer an attractive container corrugated design. In addition to that, you will get 3 service windows to give more flexibility when serving your customers.

When stepping inside this 10’ High Cube Cafe Container (Yellow), you will see clean white walls and a durable plywood floor. Furthermore, there is enough room on the inside to fit any necessary kitchen equipment and staff that your business requires for operations. You will be able to prep, cook, and serve your menu quickly and efficiently to your customers.

Best of all, container architecture is highly mobile. You can set it in one place then relocate once in a while for festivals, bazaars, or events. It will not require much effort to move your food stall around. The forklift pockets enable you to lift the container safely onto a truck then it is ready to transport.

The containers we use to construct this cafe meet ISO standards. Using an ISO standard container will ensure your and your customers’ safety.

We offer modification services for your container according to your wishes and needs. You can choose the color of your choice. Plus, you can also add the logo of your brand on the body of the unit.

Not to mention, we can also make it ready to use by installing electricity, plumbing, and kitchen equipment following your requests.

To make everything easier, we offer delivery straight to the desired location. That way, you do not have to worry anymore as your 10’ High Cube Cafe Container (Yellow) will arrive right on schedule.


External dimensions : L 10’ x W 8’ x H 9’6”
Type : Cafe container for food and beverage business
Features :

  • Compact size
  • High cube
  • Unique container design
  • 3 service windows
  • 1 door
  • Yellow exterior paint
  • White interior paint
  • Plywood floor