20′ Half Height Hard Top Container Single Door (Pine Green)

Product Description

This 20’ Half Height Hard Top Single Door (Pine Green) is another solution for your heavy cargo transport and storage needs. This container is half as tall as the standard containers and has a single leaf door, steel roof, and anti-slip steel floor.

This container has a single door leaf that is secure and watertight. We equip it with 3 locking bars for security and door gaskets to prevent water from entering during transport. Additionally, this type of container provides easy loading and unloading access from the top. It has a removable steel top that you can open in a case when you require the use of a crane to get heavy items into or out of the container. Then you put on the lid to protect the stored items from external elements.

20’ Half Height Hard Top Single Door (Pine Green)

Furthermore, the half height container has a low center of gravity, thanks to its low height design. Given that, the container will be more balanced and resilient when carrying heavy loads. In addition to that, we use steel for the floor. Steel is known for its strength and durability. Plus, the floor surface has an anti-slip pattern to improve safety.

Not to mention, our 20’ Half Height Hard Top Single Door (Pine Green) can handle industrial applications in harsh mining environments. You can use it to transport or store mining equipment, machinery, and products.

Just like any other container products we have, this one is also in accordance with ISO standards. Thus, the new unit will have an active CSC plate. With that, you can use this container to cover your international shipping purposes.

Best of all, we have the expertise to custom build this container according to your special requests. You can also request for this container to have DNV 2.7-1 standard feature.

Don’t worry. Our team is ready to help with the delivery of your container. But of course, self pick up is also welcome.



External dimensions : L 20’ x W 8’ x H 4’

Volume : 14.4 m³

Tare weight : 2.650 kgs

Max payload : 30.350 kgs

Max cargo : 33.000 kgs