20' Double Door Shipping Container (White)


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Our 20’ Double Container is blessed with a unique feature. It is a double door unit, which means that it has two openings at both the front and back of the container.

This container can help to improve your business productivity. The double doors allow you to load and unload items from both openings at the same time. Also, it gives better access to reach store items regardless of where you position them inside the container.

Our 20’ Double Door Container is very versatile and is applicable for various uses. On top of that, investing in this container provides you with some benefits. Besides giving high security to the goods stored inside, it also costs you very low to maintain. You can utilize it as onsite storage, cargo transportation, and conversion projects of building establishments.

Every new container that comes from us meets the ISO specifications. Additionally, it gains CSC safety approval, which is proven by the CSC plate attached to the container’s door.

Moreover, this type of container is exceptionally tough to withstand mild exposure to the elements, such as sun, rain, and wind, during shipment, storage, and handling. Such quality is possible due to its weathertight Corten steel structure, sturdy corrugated walls, secure doors, and durable wood flooring.

Next, we offer modifications and customizations to make this 20’ Double Door Container to best suit your needs. We can include a secure lockbox to improve your container safety. Additionally, we can change the door to an easy opening door for simple opening and closing. Not to mention, you can put your company’s logo and have custom paint inside and outside for the container to match your company’s brand.

Our friendly staff is ready to help you throughout your container procurement journey. Further, you can let us know if you need our help to arrange the delivery of your 20’ Double Door Container until it reaches its destination safely.


External dimensions : L 20’ x W 8’ x H 8.6’
Volume : 32.9 m³
Tare weight : 2.230 kgs
Max payload : 28.250 kgs
Max cargo : 30.480 kgs