20' High Cube Cafe Container (Green)


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Product Description

Tradecorp’s 20′ High Cube Cafe Container (Green) is the perfect solution for starting a food and beverage business. This container offers a spacious food preparation space, food storage, plating area, and clean up station. Furthermore, the inner capacity provides a large enough room for people to move around freely to prepare food and serve customers.

Not to mention, it has a big serving window which allows you to pass food quickly to the customers. Additionally, there is a door on the front side that allows staff and supply to move in and out efficiently.

Our 20′ High Cube Cafe Container (Green) has a durable and non-slip plywood floor. The wall and ceiling are fully insulated to block heat and keep the room comfortable. Plus, the interior is fully equipped with custom stainless-steel equipment, suitable for commercial kitchens.

Furthermore, this cafe container is ready to use. We have done all the installation for the plumbing, electricity, ventilation, and other kitchen essentials.

Our 20′ High Cube Cafe Container (Green) is a highly customizable product. You can design the exterior to match your company’s brand. You can put a request, to include a logo, sign, color, etc.

Not to mention, our staff will consult with you regarding water supply and drainage as well as necessary fixtures, fittings, and equipment. We can configure the kitchen layout and equipment, depending on the kinds of foods and beverages you sell. You can also buy this unit empty or without any equipment installed.

Lastly, your 20′ High Cube Cafe Container (Green) will be shipped from one of our depots that has the container ready. For your convenience, our experienced staff is happy to help arrange the shipment of your order. However, you can schedule a pickup if you want.


External dimensions : L 20’ x W 8’ x H 9.6’
Type : cafe container for food and beverage business
Features : stainless steel kitchen, serving window, 1 entry/exit door, insulated wall and ceiling, plywood floor, ventilations

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