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Product Description

Do you need a 2 (two) storey office on limited land? Need an office for several people but You only have a relatively small space. By stacking 2 (two) 20 feet containers, This Office Container 20 feet 2 levels can be the right choice. This container is a 20ft container that is stacked into one office container.  

You don’t have to worry about the quality of our containers, because they are made of corten steel, they are strong enough to withstand loads even when stacked. In addition, our containers have the feature to securely connect shipping containers to each other. This feature is designed so that stacked containers both empty and loaded will not shift or move, making them safe to use.  

Tradecorp’s 20 feet 2 level office container has a special feature, it is a swivel staircase to access the second floor. This swivel ladder is made with high quality iron si it can last a long time. This ladder is placed outside the container so it does not take up space inside your office container. The door used for our 20′ feet office container 2 levels is a sliding door so that it is easy to open and convenient to use. Our 2 storey 20 feet container office provides around 28 square meters of office space. We can equip this two storey office with all the features for an office. This unit can be equipped with a larger observation window to facilitate project management. Additional accessories for stairs and steps can also be provided for easy access to the second floor.  

Our containers are iso containers because the production process has followed international ISO standards, so the quality of the containers we use are containers made with ISO standards. In addition, our container office and modular office are mobile offices that can be moved easily. In addition, having an office container also saves you costs and energy rather than having to build an office with a permanent structure. In addition, due to its temporary and portable nature, our office containers do not require special permits when erecting them such as building permit or other business permits.  

One of this 20’ containers can be used as a work space for 4 people to 6 employees depending on the interior arrangement. The area of this office container is large enough to place several office necessities such as tables, chairs, computers, or cabinets.  

The ceiling framework and internal walls of this office container are built from strong materials and wrapped in white melamine so that it can give the impression of a neater and more modern office space. Walls and ceilings that are fully protected by this material, this will reduce the heat inside the container when exposed to hot weather.  

The floor of the office container generally uses Plywood material and can be coated with Vinyl Tiles which will make the floor of this office container look better and easy to clean. About the electrical system, this office container can be equipped with MCB boxes, power points, telephone connections, data points, and LED lights. This Office Container can also  be equipped with AC and Exhaust Fan which will keep the air flow fresh. Our Office Containers are perfect for building contractors, industrial estates and mining areas. 

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