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10 Feet Reefer Container

10 feet Refrigerated Container from Tradecorp is a small but strong refrigeration unit. It can keep the temperature of the cargo stable, even under bad weather conditions. It is relatively easy to operate. To start the cooling machine, just connect it to the power supply and turn it on. There are also three machine variants. Options include Daikin, Carrier, and Thermo King. Each brand has a different minimum temperature.

Our 10ft Reefer container has a TBar floor, a red loading line and stainless steel wall panels to allow the cold air inside to flow uninterruptedly. This will lead to an even temperature to all the products inside.

This type of container can be used to transport temperature sensitive goods such as fruits, meat and vegetables. In addition, other non-food products that require refrigerated containers to ship are pharmaceuticals, flowers, plasma, and films.

Moreover, the new 10-foot refrigerated container bears the CSC plate, which is valid for 5 years. With the active CSC plate, the container can be used to ship goods internationally.

Also, when dealing with refrigerated containers, water, moisture, and condensation are the top three issues. These elements can damage the stored cargo. Our 10-foot refrigerated container is equipped with a dehumidification system, drainage, and a temperature controller to avoid such problems.

In addition, we offer some adaptations to best fit this container to your needs. You can add your 10 feet refrigerated container with alarm lamps, curtains, easy-to-open doors, LED lights, GPS, and more. This container is small, so it’s easy to move from one place to another. But of course, we can help arrange the delivery of your container to the destination you desire. Contact us now to get the best price for this product!


It’s easier to ship products that need to be stored at a certain temperature by using refrigerated containers from Tradecorp. We provide shipping containers in Indonesia. We offer 10 feet refrigerated containers around Indonesia in various sizes and models. And one of them is 10 feet reefer container.

What IS the Benefit of using 10 Feet Refrigerated Container

In Indonesia 10 feet reefer container products from Tradecorp are very popular among domestic and foreign consumers. Here are some reasons that underlie the benefit of using 10 feet reefer container:

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Stable Airflows

Your 10 feet refrigerated container will provide a steady airflow. You can also set the fan speed so it can maintain the desired airflow. This will keep your products chilled or frozen throughout their journey or storage period.

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Stable Temperature

A stable temperature is the most important feature of any reefer. A certain temperature can be set from the control panel. This will allow cargo stored inside to be kept in a stable environment and makes it last longer.

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With a relatively small size at 10 feet, this reefer container from Tradecorp Shipping Containers Indonesia is very portable. It can be moved to another site, once your project is done. We can help you with fast and efficient delivery.. We also offer purchase or leasing options to accommodate different needs.


Specification 10′ Refrigerated Container
External Dimensions (Dimensi Eksternal) L 10’ x W 8’ x H 8.6’
Volume (Kubikasi) 11.86 m³
Tare Weight (Berat Kosong) 3.080 kg
Net Weight (Berat Bersih) 6.920 kg
Max Gross Weight (Berat Kotor) 10.000 kg