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40' Feet Reefer Container Description

The 40-feet-refrigerated container is 40 feet long, 8 feet wide, and 8.6 feet high. Of course, if the product/goods need a certain temperature to keep them in a fresh condition, refrigerated container is a suitable container for large-scale transportation/storage of the product.

You can choose from three cooling machines for this reefer container, including three machines: Daikin, Carrier, and Thermo King. Each brand has a different temperature range. Thermoking can reach -40°C. But you don’t always need -40°C, Therefore, you can choose one of three brands according to your needs.

This container makes it easy to freeze or refrigerate your products for long-distance transportation or long-term storage. In addition, this type of container can keep the stored goods at a stable desired temperature so that they are not damaged and remain fresh.

Our High Cube Refrigerated Container manufactured according to ISO standards 40 feet. Each new unit also get a CSC plate that is valid for 5 years from the date of issue. If you have a valid CSC registration, the container will be allowed to be shipped internationally.

There is also a digital controller on the front of the container. You can use the controller to set specific temperature, humidity, and ventilation. In addition, the 40-feet-high cube refrigerated container has a T-Bar floor and an air fan to provide a constant supply of cool air to the entire load. In addition, it is equipped with stainless steel walls, drains, baffle plates and strong doors.

Needless to say, we can equip your container with quite a few accessories to meet your requirements. Accessories available include curtains, aluminum rails, alarm lamps, LED lamps and GPS. Finally, our professional staff will help you to get the most suitable container for your need. And we can also help you organize the safest way to bring the container to its place.


We offer 40 feet reefer containers in Indonesia. This type will be the perfect container to ship or store your frozen or cold products in large quantities. Tradecorp is one of the biggest refrigerated container providers in Indonesia. You can also choose and find other sizes and models to suit your needs.

What are the Benefits of using 40' Reefer?

Using 40 feet refrigerated container for shipping or storage has many benefits. Here are some of the reasons

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Delivering steady airflow is one of the key factors of providing stable temperature. Our 40 feet refrigerated container has the ability to maintain the airflow across the interior of the refrigerated container. The cooling engine blows air from the lower part through the t-bar floor and circulates back to the engine from the upper part.

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A stable temperature is what a reefer container is all about. Maintaining a consistent temperature is the main feature of any Refrigerated Container. The cooling engine of the reefer container can keep a stable temperature whatever the condition outside the container. You can set your desired temperature inside your refrigerated container from the digital controller on the front of the container.

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Refrigerated Containers are intermodal. It means that they can be transported with more than one transportation mode. This makes an efficient delivery process. Usually, it can be delivered by cargo ship, train and truck. So as long as the destination can be reached by either one of them your reefer container will arrive there. Tradecorp as a shipping container supplier in Indonesia has been providing refrigerated containers for many years. We offer both purchase and leasing options.


Specification 40′ Refrigerated Container
External Dimensions (Dimensi Eksternal) L 40’ x W 8’ x H 8.6’
Volume (Kubikasi) 57.4 m³
Tare Weight (Berat Kosong) 5.860 kgs
Net Weight (Berat Bersih) 28.140 kgs
Max Gross Weight (Berat Kotor) 34.000 kgs