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buy shipping container tanks from Tradecorp

Do you have hazardous or non-hazardous liquid material that you need to transport quickly and efficiently? If so, a tank container from Tradecorp Shipping Containers Indonesia can be the perfect solution.

Tank containers from Tradecorp Shipping Containers Indonesia come with a broad range of customisation options. You can get steam heating, insulation, electric heating, refrigeration, additional linings, top and bottom discharge points and much more. We have several tank containers available at Tradecorp Shipping Containers Indonesia, and our customers know that they’re getting a quality tank container each time they work with us

Different Types of Tank Containers

Liquid Tanks
Our liquid tanks can transport and also store a huge volume of liquid safely and efficiently. Once your liquid is in the tank, you’re free to transport it by sea, rail or land. Additionally, we make it easy to choose between 14,000 litres and 26,000 litres, so you can customise your liquid tank to suit your needs.

Chemical Tanks
We offer chemical tank containers to give our customers a safe way to transport or store their liquid chemicals. Whether you need a 14,000-litre or a 26,000-litre chemical tank, we can help. You can use our tanks to transport your chemicals by land, rail or sea, and they’re excellent for getting your chemicals to your disposal destination.

Pneumatic Tanks
People who need to transport or store large quantities of bulk grains, flour, cement powder and related materials can benefit from a pneumatic tank. Our pneumatic tanks come with easy top loading hatches for additional convenience, and you get fast discharge due to our pneumatic air pressure.

Offshore DNV Tanks
Tradecorp Shipping Containers Indonesia has an extensive line of offshore DNV tanks available for both hazardous and non-hazardous liquids. We can customise them with top or bottom discharge points for your convenience as well as several other modification options.

Gas Tank
If you have gases products,  and you need to transport them, you can use a Gas Tank Container. Using Gas Tank Containers is a convenient way to safely transport and deliver your product to its destination. Gas Tank Containers are an excellent choice for shipping gasses.

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