Portable Site Office from Container & Modular for Sale

Portable Site Office from Container & Modular

The site office is the first facility established at mining or construction project sites. The purpose of the building, known as direksi keet, is to serve as a control center to support office activities in the field and facilitate coordination among all parties involved in the project.

No longer reliant on concrete, site offices now come in portable buildings that can be quickly constructed and easily relocated from one point to another. 

Innovations in modified containers or portacamps and sandwich panels have given rise to portable site offices based on containers and prefabrication, known as portacamp and modular site offices.

Tradecorp Indonesia, as a container supplier company, has innovated by creating shipping container site offices from modified containers and modular units. You can find a variety of portable site office options at Tradecorp Indonesia.

The Jobs that Require a Site Office

The field project is running effectively because the involved parties are organized based on a pre-established structure.

The parties within the organization actively engage in planning, coordination, and problem-solving throughout the project’s duration.

The site office serves as a facility they utilize to facilitate effective communication among workers. The following tasks require a project office to support their activities:

This role is responsible for leading the project and reporting its progress to the supervising consultant.

The role who communicates directly with the project manager for technical project discussions and team arrangements.

Structure engineering plays a role in executing tasks from the site engineer, conducting analysis, and calculations.

This role is responsible for analyzing project drawings designed by drafters.
Quality Control works to inspect the results of work contained in monthly reports.

Drafters play a role in providing drawings, adapting drawings to field conditions, and conveying drawing information to surveyors.

The role is responsible for overseeing contractor work.

The role is responsible for financial management, including periodic report preparation.

General administration plays a role in preparing and providing all office equipment and administration for the smooth operation of the project.

The role are responsible for tasks directly related to the project owner and consultant.

The role oversees field work and reports on work progress.

Surveyors have the task of surveying and measuring the project area.

The Shipping Container Site Office Designs

The Modular Site Office Designs


Project work is the work carried out to achieve goals based on a plan that will eventually produce the intended results and outputs.

Portacamp and modular buildings are suitable as site office or direksi keet on-site because they offer efficiency and flexibility not found in concrete buildings.

The use of portable site offices for project owners offers advantages in terms of budget savings due to their cost-effectiveness and flexibility as they can be relocated.

Certainly, portable site offices are more economical compared to concrete-based offices. This cost-effectiveness helps save expenses for setting up project management offices in the project area.