20′ Half Height Hard Top Container with No Door (Light Blue)

Product Description

Tradecorp 20’ Half Height Hard Top No Door (Light Blue) provides an excellent carrying capacity for overweight items like other half height containers. It comes with a removable steel lid that serves as the only access for loading and unloading when opened. You can use this container to transport and store all types of dry cargo safely.

With a shorter container design, the container will provide more balance and greater overall strength. As a result, it can handle heavier weight better than the standard containers. Additionally, this type of container comes with a removable steel top. When the top is open, you will be able to use a crane to lift heavy items for loading and unloading. Meanwhile, when you put on the steel lid, it will protect your cargo from any contamination.

Our 20’ Half Height Hard Top No Door (Light Blue) is useful for heavy industries like mining, for example. It can be used to transport mining products, equipment, and machinery. Furthermore, the Corten steel structure offers optimal strength that makes the container can withstand the extreme industrial environment.

This type of container complies with the shipping container standards that are set by ISO. Thus, at the end of the manufacturing process, it is fastened with a valid CSC plate. CSC plate makes your container qualified for international shipping and proves that your container met the safety requirements.

Not to mention, this container has strong structural integrity that can endure stacking when you have space limitations. Furthermore, its steel floor ensures easy cleaning and a better ability to bear heavy loads.

Best of all, this type of container is available in many sizes and designs. We can also custom-build our 20’ Half Height Hard Top No Door (Light Blue) following the DNV 2.7-1 standard.

Relax. You are in good hands. We can take care of the delivery for you. Our experienced haulers are ready to plan the most efficient and safest means of transportation to ship your container.


External dimensions : L 20’ x W 8’ x H 4’
Volume : 14.9 m³
Tare weight : 2.230 kgs
Max payload : 32.770 kgs
Max cargo : 30.480 kgs