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Product Description

A standard container that has been converted into an office is known as an office container. The modification process for this type of container is similar to that of ordinary office space, we can equip this container with exhaust fans, air conditioners, light switches, and so on. Our containers are built following ISO standards, so you don’t have to be concerned about their durability or strength.

Modified shipping containers that have been converted into office containers provide versatile and easy-to-move workplace space that will last for years. Use our office containers to create a long-lasting, sleek, and functional workspace that you can relocate to your next project.

Tradecorp’s 20′ Office Storage Container is a container that we converted into an office. The benefits of being able to swiftly construct an office container are boosting their popularity. Depending on your tastes, this structure can be customized in a variety of ways. Our office containers are built of Corten steel, making them safe to use in hot and rainy weather and long-lasting. Furthermore, this container is a modification of the standard 20-feet container, which has external dimensions of 20′ length, 8′ width, and 8’6 height. This container features one door, one window, and a functional standard container door. There is an office and storage space on the inside.

This Office Container is an excellent solution for projects or offices that require both typical office functionality and shelf storage. These units are divided into enclosed compartments or it can also connect through an internal door.

This container unit helps you in protect your items and documents from heat and direct sunshine, which can damage their quality. This type of container was created to safely store your stuff. Furthermore, the container as a storage unit need a high level of security to keep the items safe.

We customized this office container for those of you who require office space as well as unique storage space for documents or other valuables that must be protected from harm and theft. You can increase the storage capacity of the container by adding additional storage shelves to store vital documents and goods so that they are properly arranged and easy to discover and clean.

Using this office and storage box provides the benefit of a free and convenient workspace because you have separate room to keep documents and important items in your workspace. We also provide other floor plans that you can use to connect the office with the storage room.

Locking bars and lockboxes are regular features on office container storage doors. Meanwhile, we propose a personal door feature, meaning a door with a simple but secure locking system, to enable access in and out of your staff/employees, by employing this storage container.

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