40' Flat Rack (Orange)

Product Description

The 40’ Flat Rack (Orange) from Tradecorp Indonesia comes in a size and design that is suitable to carry unique shapes and overweight cargo. Because such load sometimes cannot fit into standard containers or exceed their maximum payload.

This type of container comes with collapsible ends. That feature gives you more flexibility when you need to store or transport it empty. You can put down both end walls easily then stack the container on top of one another.

Moreover, flat racks use high-quality steel as the material. That type of steel offers a good corrosion resistance ability. Additionally, Our steel material also provides excellent strength to survive extreme weather conditions during ocean freight.

40’ Flat Rack (Orange)

Furthermore, the floor of the 40’ Flat Rack (Orange) is made of sturdy woods that can handle heavy loads without a problem. There are also several strong lashing points on the sides of the container. Such items are necessary for securing cargo properly and reducing the chance of load shifting.

This type of container is mainly used to store and transport items, such as machinery, tractors, buses, pipes, trucks, and timber. They are also widely used in the coal, petroleum, mining, and construction industries because such business often requires heavy-duty transportation unit for their equipment.

Just like other containers we have, our 40’ Flat Rack (Orange) container meets the ISO requirements. New ones will have a valid CSC plate attached, qualifying them for international shipping.

Our flat racks are available in 20- and 40-feet sizes, with fixed and collapsible ends. In addition to that, we can accommodate custom requests to design and build a container that fits your situation.

Above all, we can help arrange for the safe and effective delivery of the unit directly to the location you want. Of course, we also have a self pick up option where you can get the containers from one of our many depots that have it available.


External dimensions : L 40’ x W 8’ x H 8’6’
Tare Weight : 4.900 kgs
Max Payload : 45.100 kgs
Max Cargo : 50.000 kgs