40' Shop Shipping Container


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Product Description

TradeCorp has a 40 ‘Shop Shipping Container which comes from a standard container modified into a place of business. This unit is made with an attractive and elegant design.

40′ Shop Shipping Container comes with features that will help run your business easier. This portable unit can be a solution to your business premises. No need to worry if your business or office has to move, this unit can be moved according to your business location.

These containers are made of high-quality steel which can last more than 10 years. In addition, this unit is resistant to wind and water and is not prone to corrosion. Thus, this unit is suitable for long term use.

This type of container can be used for business, including building a clothing retail store, as well as other products. With minimum construction time and budget, this type of shop container can save costs.

This type also has a power outlet, wooden floor, and a door that is easy to open and close. And we also add quite many windows to make it feel more spacious. However, all these variations can be modified according to your needs and desires.

The container we modified to become a 40 ‘Shop Shipping Container is in a good condition, so it will be safe and secure to use. They follow International Standards (ISO).

In addition, we offer modification services for these containers. We can customize the interior and exterior design of the unit according to your wishes and needs.

On the exterior, we can change the color according to the brand and product that will be sold. As for interior modifications, we provide flooring, wall, doors, and windows options for this unit according to the design you want.

For delivery option, we can assist you to arrange safe and effective delivery directly to the desired location. You can also collect it directly from one of our depots where your container is available.


External dimensions : L 40 ‘x W 8’ x H 9’6 ”
Type : Shop Container
Features : Windows, Doors, and Floors